River Lakes and Coorong Action Group Incorporated

The River Lakes and Coorong Action Group (RLCAG) is an independent community organisation which formed in 2006 to stop the State Government building a weir below Wellington. The organisation incorporated in January 2007 to:

  • protect, conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the River Murray, Lakes and Coorong;
  • liaise with appropriate bodies over the management of the River Murray, Lakes Alexandrina and Albert and the Coorong, and their immediate surrounds; and
  • provide information for the community

Membership is open to everyone who is interested and includes community members, fishers, farmers, scientists, artists, environmentalists, tourism operators and business people.

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What does RLCAG do?

RLCAG has a track record of engaging with Murray-Darling Basin matters though submissions, symposia, meetings and campaigns [freshwater embassy pic?]. RLCAG has made some 25 submissions since 2006 regarding government inquiries and actions on environmental matters.

Our focus is on our region and on the system as a whole. The lower Murray River, Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert and the Coorong are critical to the Murray Darling Basin as a whole because this region is the canary in the mine. Rivers die from the mouth up. If this region is healthy, upstream is more likely to be healthy. We are critically concerned with the health of the river system as a whole, necessitating a fair allocation of water for all users including the environment

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Southern Coorong, Image courtesy Iain Morton

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